Aging With Grace AZ, LLC

Wisdom • Courage • Grace • Dignity

When your wisdom and courage say it's time for your family member to move away from the independent life they know and hold dear, help them walk away with grace and continue to hold their head up high with dignity.

Long after seniors may need caregivers to help them with activities of daily living, they can still learn to keep, develop and strengthen their brain plasticity. I empower seniors to give them a sense of purpose, emotional well-being and something more to live for. I can make a difference in the lives of your friends and family members as Your Senior's Advocate.

As Your Senior's Advocate, I help individuals engage, refocus and use their cognitive abilities using a pathway that is sensitive, flexible and modified to meet the needs and understanding of the individual. This encompasses activities that are intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and social. I will give your loved one back something from his or her past, as well as something to look forward to in their future.

I empower seniors to find connectivity and meaning in their lives by gently encouraging and reinforcing their five powers:

  • Observation and awareness of visual images.
  • Retention and ability to name objects, subjects and use vocabulary.
  • Interpretation and ability to assign meaning to objects, subjects, cultural and historical events.
  • Evaluation by expressing opinions on subjects in socially engaging settings.
  • Connections to other areas of their life experiences, both in the present and in the future.

My Senior Concierge Services...

  • Providing weekly wellness visits or more, if needed
  • Engaging clients in thought provoking, meaningful activities
  • Promoting positive, non-medication emotional support
  • Listening carefully to clients' thoughts and feelings; helping them express themselves in a safe, trusting environment
  • Escorting clients to medical appointments, social, cultural, community and family events
  • Cueing and supervising activities for Dementia and Alzheimer's Care
  • Identifying appropriate community and educational resources
  • Licensed Arizona REALTOR® and Seniors Real Estate Specialist
Beth Harding
Beth Harding
Seniors Advocate and Educator

Clients Say...

"Beth talked with our Mom, not at her, to find and connect with the beautiful, vibrant person we've always known her to be. They have formed a deep and abiding friendship, built on mutual respect and genuine affection that has transcended the terrible limitations Alzheimer's has placed on Mom."
- Susan and Stephen

"Even on days when I'm experiencing a lot of pain or am unable to concentrate, Beth finds a way to draw me out, refocus me to a better place and use my mind. She is a good listener, an intuitive teacher and my friend."
- Arthur

"My mother's spirits soar whenever Beth is there. She provides the 'missing link' in my mother's life. Beth engages my mother in intellectually stimulating activities. She is intuitive and nurturing."
- Rhona

"Beth anticipates the needs of people. She is creative and puts forth great effort to find appealing activities. My mother looks forward to attending church with Beth so that I can spend Sundays with my husband. She is very caring and dedicated."
- Lori

"I could not ask for a better person to spend time with my 95 year old mother. Beth always thinks of things that she is interested in to engage her. Beth often brings a book or an article to share with her. And Mother still loves to dine out and shop."
- Liz

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